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San Francisco’s Premier Coffee since 1982

Rodger Bories, owner and founder of Coffee Magic, started his San Francisco based coffee business in 1982. Focused on supermarkets, his unique custom designed quarter pound bulk coffee dispenser was a big hit. The display succeeded at being user friendly for supermarket customers and the number of displays grew to more than 60 locations by the end of the 1980’s. While making inroads into San Francisco Bay Area super markets, Coffee Magic began to expand the variety of tastes for customers, by experimenting with different beans, roasts, blends and flavorings to produce some of the most unique coffees that are now the heart of Coffee Magic. Coffee Magic mixed light beans with dark beans, African beans with South American beans and never left an idea untested without finding out how great it could taste. The variety and craftsmanship in Coffee Magic is the result of this experimentation and never-ending pursuit of new flavors and better tasting coffees.

Coffee Magic is a family owned and run company as Rodger’s two sons share in the distribution, marketing and website management. Every Coffee Magic team member has from 5 to 40 years of experience working with and handling coffee. Coffee Magic now roasts and blends over 50 different coffees in San Francisco, each with their own unique taste and story. Coffee Magic formerly ran its own San Francisco café, Rodger’s Coffee & Tea, which proudly served Coffee Magic and is known for its perfectly crafted brews using the QuickDrip. We suggest filling your QuickDrip with fresh ground Coffee Magic beans for a consistently great cup of coffee. Coffee Magic is a small company, but being small makes our coffees unique and consistently superior. Retailers of Coffee Magic believe in our quality and their customers have come to rely on that.

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